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Katya Elise Henry best of the best pics.

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Now here are the very best of her picture history and I will be posting more in time. 

Katya want to make the mask not POLITICAL but FASHIONABLE

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Let’s enjoy this amazing women and in my view the best ass after years on working it out.

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From now on it just gets hotter and hotter

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There is no doubt that she is mixed even that she was born in United States. Remember the link above for her Biography.

Here are some references not included in the bio

Don’t go away two more and the best slideshow coming up below in articles.

Kyle Kuzma’s forearm tattoo has given away that he’s been spending some very up close and personal time with the model, Katya Elise Henry.

With a bit of detective work on Twitter, some people have noticed that in the Instagram model’s picture on top of a yacht, an arm is hanging over her with the same tattoos that Kuzma has on his arm. With NBA players having time off over the All-Star weekend break, the whole story adds up on how Kyle Kuzma ended up here.

It’s been an interesting and positive couple of months for the Lakers youngster after many expected that he would be traded in a package that would entice the New Orleans Pelicans to trade Anthony Davis over before the deadline.


With the Pelicans refusing to trade Davis until after the season, Kyle Kuzma stayed in L.A. and even showed some of his worth by winning the MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge.

Kyle Kuzma has been quite impressive for the Lakers lately, averaging 21.6 points per game on 47 percent shooting in the month of February.


The franchise is in a worrying position though as they currently sit 10th in the Western Conference standings with a record of 28-29, there’s a serious chance that the Lakers may not make the playoffs this season.


It would be incredibly disappointed considering the amount of hype that went into this side coming into the season.


As for Kuzma, everything seems to be going well on and off the court, for any that still don’t believe that it was him on the yacht, the pair have been dating for quite some time now.


Things are going pretty fine between Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro and his girlfriend, Instagram model Katya Elise Henry.

IG Model Katya Elise Henry Straight Disrespected Kyle Kuzma On Why ...

The pair found love amid the coronavirus crisis and the romance can’t be better given their recent posts on social media.


And that’s how you end that conversation. Henry is always drawing a lot of attention thanks, she’s a very beautiful woman, but sometimes people cross the line.

Good thing Herro was right there to shut down any hope people had to see his girlfriend on OF.


It looks like things are pretty fine between Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat and Instagram model Katya Elise Henry.

Rumors surfaced when Herro shot his shot with Henry on Twitter, apparently scoring with the model.


Then, the flirting continued and everything looked more serious between the pair. Henry posted messages to him, gave hints about their relationship and the last thing we knew was that she called Herro her ‘bae’.


Now, things are official for everybody since they posted a video on Instagram together, looking like a couple. 

I want to give the credit for these information as follows and there are more like it.


Now the final chapter of Hot pics enjoy final slide show for now.

I Hope you enjoy as I did and have some admiration for this beautiful natural creature

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